Manyland is an open 2-D sandbox world where people can get together and build, create, and basically live together. People must either have an account with Google or Facebook to beable to build in this open world.

Area 3

Area 3 is some sort of a hub for the "Manyzens" (people that have joined Manyland) to create and build. However, in order to build in Area 3, also called Green Mountain, you need to have an account with Manyland and you have to be at least 100 steps away from the center. Everyone can build in Area 3, therefore making it a starting point for new builders and editors. Area 3 was originally built by a group of Ring Rankers. Ring Rank has been removed from the website but it is achieved by reaching level 5. Levels and the Rank Test, which can be taken when a Manyzen reaches level 5, have been removed. Still, when you start off in Manyland, there are only a few things that you can create. As you further progress in skill and understanding of Manyland, more things will gradually become available.


Stockpile is an area in Manyland where most Manyzens go to socialize or submit and wear new skins. Skins, also called Bodys, can be created by going into your inventory and selecting the button that says "Create". Then a button at the bottom of the creation menu should give you options as to what you want to create. Select "Body", then you are ready to go! To access your inventory, you first have to have an account with Manyland. If you do, then go to an area where you can edit. You will know if you can edit if there is a arrow at the top right of your screen. Click this button and a box with either things in it or empty should pop up. In order to build, click and drag the desired item into the world and it should sort of stick to where you've placed it. That's how you build! If you want items, then you can either create them or clone them. To clone items, right-click on the item you want to clone. (or for tablet users, press and hold the item you want to clone.) The select the button that looks like a person is speaking. It should make a noise or show a trail of golden sparkles going towards the item you selected and there you go! Stockpile is an area where only Ring Rankers can edit. There, you need to bear in mind that asking for edits will limit your chances of getting them.