So, you think that by now you've been a good citizen and that you should earn your admin rights. But, you haven't, and the administrators say that you are a long way off. You've tried so much, and it feels so.... unfair. Well, in this article, we will discuss how you can get the admin rights that you feel you rightly deserve!

Being Helpful

Being helpful often involves helping out users in need, replying to users with helpful information in the forums, and editing and adding top-notch information. Information doesn't have to sound like it came from the best source in the world, but it at least has to sound legit, and up-to-date. Being helpful is one of the first steps that you can take to becoming the administrator you dream of being.

Being Kind

Being kind can involve very kindly correcting users that are doing wrong, or just plain being nice to users. But admittedly, some users can push your buttons, and that's completely understandable. Yet, remaining kind is the best thing you can do. Other than frustrating users, being kind is relatively easy, and can be a huge jump-start to becoming an administrator.

Being Patient

If you want to be an administrator, patience is a must. You can't just become an admin with a request, in fact, asking if you can get admin rights can limit your chances of getting them anyway. So being patient is the main thing towards becoming an admin.

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